Azure IoT News – March 2023 by Think About IoT

Azure IoT News is here for one more month! Let’s take a look at the news of ✨ March ✨ 2023 together.

Week 1-5/3

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🔸 Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL now supports 4 TiB, 8 TiB, and 16 TiB storage on the coordinator and worker nodes in multi-node configurations.

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🔸 The new 1-vCore with 2 GiB RAM and 2-vCore with 4 GiB RAM burstable compute options in Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL provide the flexibility to start small and grow big as your Postgres workload requirements are increasing.

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Week 6-12/3

🔸 The meta-iotedge layer now contains Kirkstone-compatible recipes to build the latest 1.4 LTS release of IoT Edge.

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Week 13-19/3

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Week 20-26/3

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Week 27-31/3

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