Catch up with me – February 2022

Catch up with me - February 2022

February has just gone, so let’s take a look at what I did this month!

Blog news

I wrote two blog posts this month! You can find them here, or you can continue reading about them in this article. 👇

Azure IoT News

As every month, I have written an article about Azure IoT news for this month.

You can read about this news on my blog post or on my Hashnode post.

Azure IoT News.png

Catch up with me – January 2022

Moreover, I wrote a blog post about how I spent my January. If you haven’t read it, yet, you can read it on my blog post or on my Hashnode post.

Catch up with me Tw.png

Social Media


Here are some tweets I want to remember:

As you can see, my studio/office had some upgrades!

Next, of course, I celebrated International Women In Science Day!

Finally, I felt so happy about this one:


Moreover, Simon AKA @codewithsimon asked me to participate in his YouTube series, Azure For Sure! So, stay tuned for an episode full of Azure IoT.

Job news

In my job at Team Candi, I went through a series of training.
First, I took a GDPR training and then an Azure AI training. Finally, I participated in a SaaS Microsoft Marketplace Hackathon, in which I gain a lot of knowledge.

On the 25th of February, I pass the Azure AI Fundamentals exam!

Robotics news

Astro Pi

In my robotics lessons, we continued with the Astro Pi – Mission Zero and the Mission Space Lab! 🛸

You can find my ninja’s code on GitHub!


Moreover, our 3 projects for the 4th Open Technologies In Education Competition passed the next phase! 🤖

You can find these 3 repositories on the links below:
Mask decontamination 🦠
Forest Protection 🌲🚫🔥
Waste Management 🗑️

P.S. They are in Greek, but I will post a translation, soon!

Anosis Robotics Academy

This month I started to teach robotics at Anosis Robotics Academy! I am so glad about the fact that I am teaching more kids! With those little scientists, we are dealing with Lego Spike Prime!


So, this was my February! 🥰
Have an incredible month! I hope March will be great for all of us with peace and health! ✨🕊️

See you around,
Maria-Anastasia 🎀