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Azure IoT News is here for one more month! Let’s take a look at the news of May 2022 together.

Week 1-8/5

🔸 Update your IoT Edge devices on Raspberry Pi OS Stretch.

Because community support for Debian 9 (Stretch) LTS will end on June 30, 2022, Microsoft will no longer release patch updates for IoT Edge on Raspberry Pi OS Stretch devices.

Your IoT Edge device will continue to run, and your applications will not be impacted. Previously published packages for Stretch will continue to be available.

However, after that date, Microsoft will no longer be publishing patch releases of IoT Edge’s armhf packages targeting Stretch.

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Related to Azure IoT News for Week 1-8/5

🔸 User identity pass-through allows your admins to compartmentalize access to data within an Azure Machine Learning workspace.

Identity pass-through allows admins to restrict access to sensitive data, by controlling which users have access to specific data files or folders.

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🔸 Azure Machine Learning‘s first-class AutoML natural language processing (NLP) capability allows you to bring your own text data and train and deploy large-scale pre-trained text deep neural network (DNN) models.

Users are now able to search for machine learning assets such as jobs, models, and components across workspaces in a unified global view.

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🔸 Easily annotate text documents by assigning labels in Azure Machine Learning.

This service supports multi-users for you to leverage your team of labellers for labelling at a faster pace.

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🔸 Event Grid enables user authorization to create partner topics.

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Week 9-15/5

🔸 Azure IoT Edge now supports Debian Bullseye on ARM32v7.

Official IoT Edge installation packages targeting ARM32v7 for the latest releases (1.1.13 and 1.2.9) are now available from Microsoft’s package repository.

The packages can be used for either Debian 11 (Bullseye) or the latest Raspberry Pi OS.

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Week 16-22/5

🔸 Industrial IoT Connectivity Partners integrate with Azure IoT Central.

With this update comes the integration of Industrial Connectivity Partners – CloudRail and Omnio. With seamless integration for both greenfield and brownfield scenarios, these partners are simplifying the connectivity of assets and the onboarding of data to the Azure Cloud via Azure IoT Central.

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🔸 Easily manage your Azure IoT Central dashboards using a catalog.

In addition to viewing the dashboards in a nicely formatted list with additional metadata, you will now be able to:

  • search them based on the name
  • sort them based on the name
  • easily mark your frequently used dashboards as favorites, so they appear at the top of the list.

This will also help when trying to use Azure IoT Central dashboards on a small form factor device.

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Related to Azure IoT News for Week 16-22/5

🔸 Additional support for managed identity authentication in Azure Stream Analytics.

Stream Analytics now allows you to use managed identities as an authentication mode when connecting to Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Service Bus. You can use either System-Assigned Managed Identity or your own User-Assigned Managed Identity when authenticating.

This solves a common challenge when building cloud applications related to credential management.

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Week 23-29/5

This week we have a lot of IoT news, due to Microsoft Build 2022.

🔸 Azure IoT Hub IP address change notification.

IoT Hub will be updating the underlying infrastructure and will go through an internal service update to improve the reliability of device connections. The update will change the underlying DNS record for IoT Hub, resulting in a change in the IP address.

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🔸 Azure Digital Twins 3D Scenes Studio is now in public preview.

With a digital twins graph and curated 3D model, your subject-matter experts can

  • leverage the Studio’s low-code builder to map the 3D objects to the digital twin and
  • define business logic for a 3D Scene

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🔸 Stream Analytics no code editor is now in public preview.

Stream Analytics no code editor provides a drag and drop experience to develop your jobs and reduce the barrier to entry.

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🔸 Increased size of Stream Analytics jobs and clusters.

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🔸 We have Stream Analytics query development improvements.

New updates to the Stream Analytics portal experience include:

  • New “get started” experience.
  • Improved edit experience.
  • Output schema mismatch detection allows you to know if the test results of your query match what your Azure SQL Database table expects.

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🔸 Stream Analytics jobs now support native autoscaling.

This update allows you to efficiently optimize the number of streaming units assigned to your job.

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Related to Azure IoT News for Week 23-29/5

🔸 GraphQL pass-through support in Azure API Management is now in general availability.

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🔸 Synthetic GraphQL is now in public preview.

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🔸 Azure Functions Kafka trigger support is now generally available.

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🔸 Updated extension defaults for new Azure Functions projects are now generally available.

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🔸 Durable functions support for isolated .NET worker process is now in public preview.

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🔸 Dynamic concurrency in Azure Functions automatically determines optimal per trigger concurrency settings for your workloads and adjusts as your load patterns change over time.

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🔸 Apps can now target .NET Framework when running in the isolated process mode in Azure Functions v4.

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🔸 You can now connect to Azure storage with durable functions using the managed identity of the Function app instead of embedding secrets in the connection string.

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🔸 The Azure Cosmos DB Python SDK async IO support capability can improve Python application performance and responsiveness by running tasks concurrently rather than one after the other.

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🔸 Azure Cosmos DB introduces several new features to help you achieve the best database scalability and performance.

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🔸 Azure Cosmos DB API for MongoDB data plane RBAC is now in public preview.

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🔸 Azure Machine Learning managed endpoints and Command Line Interface v2 is now generally available.

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🔸 Azure Machine Learning‘s Responsible AI dashboard, now in preview, is a new feature that helps developers and data scientists implement Responsible AI easily.

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🔸 Azure SQL bindings for Azure Functions are now expanded to include support for JavaScript and Python functions.

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Week 30-31/5

There isn’t any news for this week.


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