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Azure IoT News is here for one more month! Let’s take a look at the news of ✨ January ✨ 2023 together.

Week 1/1

Happy New Year, all!

Week 2-8/1

🔸 Azure Sphere support for European Data Boundary.

The Azure Sphere Security Service now enables EU customers to process and store image files and device crash dump files within the EU as desired.

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🔸 The new Azure Cosmos DB connector V2 for Power BI now allows you to import data into your dashboards using the DirectQuery mode, in addition to the previously available Import mode.

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Week 9-15/1

🔸 IoT Edge Metrics Collector 1.1 is now in general availability.

The Metrics Collector 1.1 module is refreshed to align with the latest (1.4) version of IoT Edge. You can confidently update Metrics Collector 1.0 in your IoT Edge deployments to the new 1.1 version. Changes include:

  • Update from .NET Core 3.1 to .NET 6.0
  • Reduced Docker image size for arm32v7/arm64v8
  • Upgrade the IoT device SDK to a version that is consistent with the latest (1.4) version of IoT Edge

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🔸 Capture Event Hubs data with Stream Analytics no-code editor in Delta Lake format.

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Week 16-22/1

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🔸 Event Grid now features Tribal Group as a new event partner publisher. As a Tribal Group user on Azure, you will be able to subscribe to events originated in your Tribal Edge application using partner topics.

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🔸 New features are now available in the Public Preview of Azure Machine Learning.

These features include:

  • Train models using AutoML in Designer.  
  • Audit and observe compute instance OS version. 
  • Recover deleted workspace data by enabling soft delete. 
  • Create and manage your schedules in AzureML Studio. 
  • Compare different pipelines to debug failure. 
  • View profiling to debug pipeline performance issues. 

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Week 23-29/1

There wasn’t any news for this week.

Week 30-31/1

There wasn’t any news for this week.


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