Azure IoT News – Summer 2023 by Think About IoT

Azure IoT News is here for a summer wrap-up! Let’s take a look at the news of ✨ June, July & August ✨ 2023, together.


🔸 Azure Digital Twins Jobs API for bulk import is now in the GA release.

With this API, large twin graphs can be ingested into Azure Digital Twins with enriched logging and higher throughput, enabling simulation scenarios, faster setup of new instances, and automation of data import workflows into twin graphs.

This eliminates the need for multiple API requests to ingest many entities and the need for handling errors and retries across these various requests.

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🔸 Azure Digital Twins now supports defining models using the Digital Twins Definition Language version 3 (DTDL v3).

This release enables to leverage of many improvements and core features of DTDL v3, such as using arrays in properties and providing semantic types using the ‘QuantitativeTypes’ feature extension.

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🔸 IoT Hub Service Upgrade is now in general availability.

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🔸 The new Firmware analysis feature of Defender for IoT is now available in public preview.

This analysis provides insights into the software inventory, weaknesses, and certificates of IoT devices without requiring an endpoint agent to be deployed.

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